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USITT Unveils Redesigned Website:

By: USITT | July 15, 2015

USITT Unveils Redesigned Website:

Visitors to will find a new, improved USITT website, redesigned for easier access to USITT's resources, programs, and growing backstage community.

The new website is more user-friendly than ever and can be viewed on multiple platforms, so it's simple to navigate and explore. The redesign makes it much easier to register for a workshop or the annual Conference, join or renew USITT membership, find programs of interest, or consult fellow members for networking or brainstorming.

The biggest addition: the site lets USITT members log in and create their own profile, access their social media, upload resources, join community groups and USITT commissions, and connect with each other, said USITT Director of Member Services Monica Merritt.

"The member experience will be self-serve. People won't have to call us to find their info," Merritt said. "They'll also be able to join communities to share ideas and talk about what they're doing."

In redesigning the site, USITT started with the phrase "I want to" and added links to actions -- such as registering for an event, applying for a grant, nominating for an award, connecting with USITT committees, seeking learning opportunities, looking for jobs, among others.

USITT took suggestions from a recent member survey and consulted its commissions for ideas. Once the design was ready in January, it took six months to build the content pages. The result is a cleaner, more efficient tool for getting the most out of USITT.

"Of course, it's always a work in progress, and we'll be adding more features and functions," Merritt said. "And we always rely on our members to tell us what works and give suggestions on what they want/need."

USITT unveiled the new website with a "soft launch" earlier this month, and will follow up by emailing 4,000 members their instructions for logging in and using member features.

The general public can also find a wealth of information on the site, including USITT's online publication, Sightlines, digital archives of TD&T, the Theatre Design & Technology journal, and USITT's Costume Commission archives. Visit it at

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