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Composite Components Company launches web store to celebrate 20 years

By: Composite Components Company | July 1, 2015

Composite Components Company launches web store to celebrate 20 years

Composite Components Company is launching a web store to celebrate 20 years of providing the original, and only authentic Digital Green® and Digital Blue™ screen materials to the visual effects community. The store, aimed at the prosumer market, carries smaller 9' x 9' and 9' x 12' Digital Green® screens as well as our matching paint. In celebration of the 20th anniversary, for a limited time, we're offering 20% off fabric screens at

These genuine CCC Digital Green® and Digital Blue™ screens have been widely used in feature films, television, commercials and video games for decades, but they have also become popular for use in digital productions at all levels. The web store aims to make high end Digital Green® backings more available in convenient sizes used by event photographers, documentary filmmakers, web videos, and others who have more limited compositing needs. For more information visit

In 1996, CCC founders Jonathan and Kay Erland were awarded a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for developing the Digital Series™ of traveling matte / chromakey materials. The patented and trademarked colors are designed to optimize all modern color-difference compositing systems.

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