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Film is in Ben Kitay Studios' Blood... Supporting the Film community for 30 Years

By: Ben Kitay Studios | July 1, 2015

Film is in Ben Kitay Studios\' Blood... Supporting the Film community for 30 Years

Since the signing of the new Film Incentive Bill, more and more Film productions have been coming home to Hollywood. With the stroke of a pen, Governor Jerry Brown increased California's film incentive from $100M to $330M while also extending the plan another five years!

Our Cyclorama stages can be custom painted to fit all of your project needs. And with ten 2K space lights pre-hung on our Chromakey Green stage, movie magic is sure to abound!
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Pre-Hung Lights save your production both time and money!
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With the edition of our backlot, you now have the luxury of shooting on our 1920's red brick WITHOUT A PERMIT! Red brick is a hot commodity in Los Angeles and now we have plenty of it for your production!
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Ben Kitay Studios is a proud sponsor of UNITY SPORTS CYCLING, a non profit organization designed to expand the capabilities & opportunities for inner city youth where exposure and access to the cycling lifestyle are limited.
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We recently converted Stage 15 to an all White Cyclorama!
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We sincerely want to thank everyone who has shot with us over the past thirty plus years for all of your continued support. It's important to remember the magic of film making that brought us into this industry to begin with.Industry News Image
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