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By: Cogswell College | June 29, 2015


Having been based in Sunnyvale, CA, since 1993, Cogswell College, a historic, 600-student educational institution offering a unique curriculum fusing Digital Art, Engineering and Entrepreneurship, will relocate to a new site in San Jose, CA, during July, 2015. The announcement was made today by Dr. Deborah Snyder, President and Chief Academic Officer, Cogswell.

Regarding the school®s relocation into his city, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said, ®I am grateful to the Board of Trustees for making the excellent choice to locate the new headquarters of Cogswell College in San Jose. San Jose is proud to be home to one of the country®s top animation and video game design schools, and I wish President and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Deborah Snyder and her Administration every success in the years to come.®

Said Dr. Snyder, ®I am pleased to announce that the Cogswell Board of Trustees has voted to approve our new location in San Jose. We have secured a Use Permit to operate as a school from the City of San Jose, and we are very grateful to Mayor Liccardo and his staff for welcoming us into their city with open arms. Our plans to relocate took us a bit longer than we expected, but all®s well that ends well. Our San Jose base will be our new home for some time to come!®
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The new San Jose site represents Cogswell College®s sixth campus since the school®s inception in 1887. Adds Dr. Snyder, ®We®ve been rolling down the peninsula for 128 years! We were in three different buildings in San Francisco from 1887 until 1985, at which point we moved to Cupertino. We then relocated to Sunnyvale and have been here since 1993. We®re like the tech industry ® it never stops moving forward and neither do we!®

Among the benefits of Cogswell®s new campus location is that the school will now be situated much closer to multiple public transportation options, right down the street from the beautiful, new Levi®s Stadium, and amidst such top tech companies as Cisco, Microchip, Ericsson, Samsung and Maxim.

Cogswell College plans to hold orientation at its new location on September 4, 2015. The school®s Fall semester is slated to begin Tuesday, September 8. A WASC accredited, four-year institution of higher education with a specialized curriculum that emphasizes collaboration between its programs in digital arts, audio technology, game design, engineering and entrepreneurship, Cogswell College was cited by Animation Career Review in 2015 as ®One of the Top 50 Private Game Design Schools and Colleges in the U.S.®

Designed as a ®fiercely collaborative, living laboratory,® Cogswell College was founded in San Francisco in 1887 by Dr. and Mrs. Henry Cogswell as a high school offering technical classes for boys and business classes for girls. It was the first technical training institution in the Western United States. In 1930, Cogswell became a technical college.

Numerous alumni of Cogswell College have secured prominent positions within the entertainment, videogame, technology, computer, animation, and motion graphics industries throughout California and beyond. Several of these alumni have established careers with such high profile companies as Activision, DreamWorks Animation, Disney, Electronic Arts, Pixar, and Microsoft Game Studio. Many other alumni have launched their own creative ventures.

Recent Cogswell alumni were members of the Academy Award-winning production teams which worked on the blockbuster films ®Frozen® and ®Life of Pi.® Some of the other well-known consumer projects to which Cogswell alumni have contributed include the feature films ®Big Hero 6® and ®The Avengers,® and the popular videogames ®Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,® ®Halo 4® and ®Battlefield Hardline.®

Cogswell College®s NEW ADDRESS is 191 Baypointe Parkway, San Jose, California, 95134. For more information, please call 1-800-264-7955 or visit

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