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StarPrompt.TV: Coming of Age! OR: Old Enough to Drink!

By: Bev Feldman | June 16, 2015

StarPrompt.TV: Coming of Age! OR: Old Enough to Drink!

Bev Feldman is celebrating 21 years of serving the Hollywood entertainment community with her own company, StarPrompt.TV. Bev began her career in teleprompting in 1983 when she worked for the Emmy winning creators of computerized prompting® a program that ran on Atari game computers and a time when the idea of there ever being lightweight, flat-screen monitors was science fiction!

In 1994 Bev branched out and started StarPrompt.TV. ®Now StarPrompt.TV is 21!® says Bev. ®Time really flies when you®re having so much fun working in a great business with wonderful clients, brilliant talent, and great projects here in Hollywood!®

Bev Feldman

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