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By: Comisión Mexicana de Filmaciones | October, 2010

The program covers not only economic benefits but is mostly a Service Platform for the film and audiovisual industry. Seeks to seize the advantages of filming in Mexico to promote economic growth and job creation in the country.

The feature films "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" (United States), "Cristiada" (Mexico) and "Houba! Le Marsupilami et L'Orchidee de Chicxulub" (France) are the first beneficiaries of the Support Program for the High Impact Film and Audiovisual Industry, better known as ProAudiovisual Fund. In its first Extraordinary Session held on 15th October, 2010, the Subcommittee for Support of the Film and Audiovisual Industry (SAICA) authorized the applications submitted by these productions for a direct stimulus, by way of reimbursement, of up to 7.5 % on qualifying expenditures made in Mexico. ProMexico (fund manager) and the applying Mexican companies ratified the commitment on 20th October 2010 by signing an agreement. The program, which was announced by President Felipe Calderon, on March 9th in Rosarito, Baja California, seeks to seize the advantages of shooting and developing film projects in Mexico to promote economic growth and job creation in the country, through films and audiovisual productions whose spend in Mexico is at least 70 million pesos (about $5.6 million). According to the above, each of the three films exceeded the minimum expenditure required, totaling an investment of 387.5 million pesos (roughly $31.3 million). "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" (USA), was produced in Mexico by Redrum for Icon Productions . It was filmed in Mexico between March and May this year and represented a direct spend of 139 million 631 thousand 151 pesos (roughly $11.3 million). It employed 2,800 extras and 263 skilled Mexican film technicians, among which are freshman Director Adrian Grunberg and Producer Stacy Perskie. The film stars Oscar-winning Director Mel Gibson ("Braveheart"), as well as renowned Mexican actors Daniel Gimenez Cacho and Dolores Heredia. "Cristiada" (Mexico) was produced by New Land Films between March and August 2010. Direct spend in Mexico was 150 million 225 thousand 177 pesos (about $12.13 million). It created a total of 252 specialized jobs and hired 3,500 film extras. Director Dean Wright is best known for producing the Visual Effects of "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King", as well as "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" and its sequel "Prince Caspian." The film stars Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria Parker and Peter O'Toole. "Houba! Le Marsupilami et L'Orquidee de Chicxulub "(France), is produced in Mexico by Pura Vida Producciones for Chez Wham. Shooting will take place between October and December 2010. Its direct spend in Mexico is estimated at about 97 million 666 thousand 162 pesos (aproximately $7.9 million). It will generate about 229 specialized jobs and hire about 770 extras. Director Alain Chabat also directed the hit movie "Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra", but is best known for his acting work in movies like "A Night at the Museum 2" where he portrayed Napoleon. This film is starred by Gerard Depardieu and Julie Delpy. The program will not only include financial incentives for reimbursement but also includes the creation of a Service Platform for Film and Audiovisual Projects. It involves creating a specialized management team to facilitate the process of developing a film in Mexico, as well as specific agreements with various Federal Government agencies to designate go-to officials and clear and simple procedures. The Federal Government hopes that with this program, Mexico will offer competitive conditions to attract a significant number of projects that allow it to develop a favorable image and show the capabilities of Mexico as a competitive pole for the audiovisual industry, which in turn will result in a great economic benefit and boost the creation
of high-paying jobs in the country.


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