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PONGO CELEBRATES 25TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR MILESTONE: Company Plans to Launch New Non-Profit Division And To Expand Its Graphics Business in the Fall

By: Pongo | June 3, 2015

PONGO CELEBRATES 25TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR MILESTONE: Company Plans to Launch New Non-Profit Division And To Expand Its Graphics Business in the Fall
PONGO CELEBRATES 25TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR MILESTONE: Company Plans to Launch New Non-Profit Division And To Expand Its Graphics Business in the Fall

Pongo, a multi-award winning creative marketing agency for entertainment industry clients, is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary year milestone. Pongo stands among Hollywood®s top A/V marketing houses specializing in broadcast and web campaigns, promos, sizzles, ad sales, radio spots and integrated marketing projects. The agency®s clients include major broadcast and cable television networks, as well as TV syndicators, digital content producers and high profile brands.

Tom McGough, Founder/CEO, Pongo, will also be marking another interesting milestone this year: He will be attending his 25th consecutive Promax/BDA Conference in Los Angeles (June 9-11) at the JW Marriott Hotel at LA Live. Cary Sachs, Pongo®s Chief Marketing Officer and Senior VP, will be attending his 18th consecutive Promax/BDA event.

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Pongo Executives Tom McGough, left, and Cary Sachs, right

As a vehicle by which to ®give back to the community,® McGough and Sachs are currently in active development of a new, pro-bono company division to launch later this year. The new unit will develop and produce A/V presentations, PSAs, commercials and B-to-B content on behalf of soon-to-be-selected charitable organizations for their membership and fundraising efforts. Further details on this new non-profit division will be announced during fall 2015.

Additionally, McGough and Sachs are also actively working to expand the agency®s in-house Graphics business, in efforts to add into its service offerings logo and animation design for broadcast and digital campaigns. Pongo also expects to provide these new services to its diverse clientele in the fall.

Within the extremely competitive world of creative entertainment marketing agencies, Pongo has secured a solid position for itself with its unique artistic approach and insight into the minds of target audiences. With its goal to sell the unique merits of each TV program clients have hired them to promote, Pongo has developed its own brash, one-of-a-kind audiovisual signature. Among the agency®s calling cards is its ®Pongo Push,® a brief pause in the action, in which the frame being presented to audiences does a quick zoom-in.

®The Pongo Push is a visual moment that grabs your attention, takes a breath for a joke or a beat for a visual reaction onscreen, and then turns up the heat. It®s in your face,® says McGough. Another definitive agency artistic characteristic has been referred to as the Pongo ®Punch.® Adds Sachs, ®We like to think of our editorial cuts like legendary music producer Phil Spector®s ®Wall of Sound.® It®s our power editing, more than anything else, that really sets us apart from our competitors.®

Pongo®s clients include a virtual ®who®s who® of the entertainment industry. Among them: the Disney Cable Group, the Disney/ABC Domestic Group, CBS Television, National Geographic, the Game Show Network, ABC Family, 20th Century Television, DebMar/Mercury, MGM TV, Nickelodeon, and many others. The agency has also created integrated marketing content for broadcast and web promotions on behalf of such major brands as Mattel, Subway, Michelin, Nestle, Lego, Ford, Nintendo, XBOX, and many others. Industry News Image

While Pongo may be best known for its indelible work in the field of comedy promotion, the agency also has specialized ® since its inception - in the marketing of Family and Kids Entertainment. Pongo has collaborated with the biggest media brands in these fields, with clients including the Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Saban Entertainment, Nickelodeon, DIC Entertainment and The Hub.

Drama and Reality programming are additional areas of marketing expertise for Pongo. A few examples of high profile campaigns in these genres have ranged from promotions for dramas such as ®CSI:CYBER® and ®Desperate Housewives,® to reality shows ®Shark Tank,® Discovery®s ®Shark Week,® ®Family Feud® and ®Wipe Out.® Industry News Image
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ABC TV Series "Shark Tank"

Ultimately, however, nothing is more valuable to McGough, Sachs and the entire Pongo team than their relationships with the agency®s high profile clientele. ®At the end of the day,® Sachs concludes,® the most important thing for us is delivering to our clients an extraordinarily positive experience.® Adds McGough, ®Our agency is named after the dog ®Pongo® from the Disney film ®101 Dalmations.® Like that character, we absolutely pride ourselves on our inexhaustible energy and our boundless creativity!®


Since its founding in 1990 by Tom McGough, Pongohas been an award-winning entertainment marketing and advertising agency based in Hollywood, California. The company specializes in creating Launch Campaigns, TV Promos, Sizzles, B2B Presentations, Integrated and Ad Sales Spots for the Studios, Television and Cable Networks, Syndicators, and many consumer brands.

With Cary Sachs serving as CMO & Senior Vice President, Pongo is comprised of skilled creative marketing experts working at the highest levels of their craft in AV Entertainment Promotion. Pongo does it all: from concepts-to editorial-to design-to motion graphics-to audio mixing-to finishing. Pongo®s motto: ®We don®t believe ®Bigger is Better® - We believe ®Better is Better!®

Pongo is located at 3301 Barham Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90068. The phone is 323/850-3333. Please visit:

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