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"Changing lives here, Saving lives there"

By: Packair | June 2, 2015

"Changing lives here, Saving lives there"

Wheels of Hope L.A. is excited to announce that our latest shipment of bicycle ambulances will be heading to Uganda soon through the help of our friends at Pack Air Freight. Their charitable heart will help save lives in Africa where our ambulances save one life a week.
Thank you Sussan!!

Building these ambulances is also a life changing process on the L.A. side, because our welding students on Skid Row gain valuable career skills as they learn to fabricate and weld the products which we donate to countries I need
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About Packair:
Packair Airfreight, Inc. understands how important personalized service is to our clients. Therefore, providing time sensitive movements coupled with highly competitive rates is what distinguishes us from everyone else. We have the qualifications and capabilities to provide the most complete, professional, cost-effective and efficient International Logistics Services available.

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