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Step And Repeat LA Aids The World Post In Putting On Another Glamorous Event

By: Step and Repeat LA | May 6, 2015

Step And Repeat LA Aids The World Post In Putting On Another Glamorous Event

The World Post, a partner of The Huffington Post, and the Berggruen Institute hosted a spectacular party ® a book signing for Fareed Zakaria's new release, "In Defense of a Liberal Education."

Author Fareed Zakaria lives in New York City and has been called "the most influential foreign policy adviser of his generation" by Esquire Magazine. In his new book, he argues that liberal arts are under attack.

That's right ® in an age dominated by technology, governors in Texas, Florida, and North Carolina have announced that they will not spend taxpayer money subsidizing the liberal arts. Once highly-regarded majors like English and History are in decline. President Obama has recently advised students that when deciding their educational path, technical training could be more valuable than a degree in an art history path.

However, Emmy-nominated host of CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS explains that this turn away from the liberal arts is detrimental. Fareed Zakaria, who is also a columnist for The Washington Post, says a liberal education provides the foundation for writing, finding your voice, speaking your mind, and ultimately learning. In fact, the technical industry itself makes these skills even more valuable and necessary, as basic mechanical and computing tasks can be done by machines. More than just a career path, Zakaria argues that a liberal education is an exercise in freedom, and above all, it feeds the most basic urge of the human spirit ® to learn.

The book signing took place on Monday April 27, 2015 in Beverly Hills and was a huge success. Step and Repeat LA provided a 20-foot banner which served as the backdrop for the main stage. They also provided an additional array of beautiful banners, all of which allowed guests to pause from the festivities for a photo.

Step and Repeat LA is a one-stop shop for event planners, providing high-quality step and repeat backdrops and red carpets for many events around the U.S. A step and repeat is a backdrop display that has one or more sponsor logos repeated in a step or diagonal alternating pattern. It is used for photo opportunities. Step and Repeat LA offers free ground shipping and can ship within 24 hours of approval of artwork.
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