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Packair says "Bigger is Better"

By: Packair | April 1, 2015

Los Angeles is home to numerous freight forwarding companies. What sets one business apart from another? After 45 years in the business, Packair has some tips and tricks on how to pick your Los Angeles freight forwarding company, and who to avoid.

From a service perspective, a smaller mom and pop firm has less personal service than a larger freight forwarder. Because smaller businesses lack the resources, they have smaller teams. That means less attention to detail, less checks and balances, and less availability. With so few people working on your shipment, if your contact is not available, you®re out of luck. As a company that®s been around the block and more, Packair has a large team available 24/7. In a busy place like Los Angeles, it is important to know you can call your freight forwarder on their cell phones and know you®re going to speak to someone immediately.Industry News Image

On the other hand, with huge international firms, you®re less likely to reach a live person on the first try. Packair is a dedicated freight forwarder in Los Angeles who will not put you through the mechanical grind just to reach a live voice. You won®t be talking through automated systems. You will reach a receptionist immediately, also when necessary our team will be available and happy to help you 24/7 on their personal cell phones! As one of the largest freight forwarders in Los Angeles, Packair is guaranteed to give you direct, highly personalized service you will not get with the huge international firms.

Another thing to consider is that many small firms may not have all the proper licenses, coverage, insurances, or documentation. If your shipment is lost or damaged, you®re out of luck with these companies. But Packair is one of the largest freight forwarders in Los Angeles, and is fully licensed in all aspects of transportation. Additionally, Packair has its own fleet of trucks so you do not have to go through the (questionable) middleman to transport your shipment from place to place.

Furthermore, as one of the largest freight forwarders in Los Angeles, Packair is TSA approved and does their own screening with their own TSA-approved screening station. You do not have to worry about hiring several different companies to get one job done. Packair can take care of your shipment all in house, from start to finish.

Another huge risk of working with a smaller firm is their narrow specialization with only 4-5 clients. If one client leaves them, they will more than likely have to close their doors- leaving you suddenly to figure out what®s next. Similarly, smaller firms may have difficulty taking on new business because they simply don®t have the manpower to support it. As one of the largest freight forwarders in Los Angeles, Packair is much more stable. Unlike smaller firms, Packair has a large team dedicated to your shipments. With over 4 decades of experience in the business, Packair has the knowledge and the expertise to properly take care for you and your cargo.

Rely on Packair, one the largest freight forwarding companies in Los Angeles, to manage all of your domestic and international shipping needs. For items that have tight deadlines, unusual weight and sizes, extremely high value or even oversized cargo, hazmat, and other types of sensitive shipments, Packair will handle your cargo with precision, personalized service, great attention to detail, and worldwide coverage.

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