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KBS TV The Challenger

By: John L. Mason | 6.30.2011

"Hawaii Tourism Korea in cooperation with KBS TV, the largest Korean national TV network, recently completed shooting 16 episodes of a reality TV show on Oahu and The Big Island called, "The Challenger." The show is a Korean version of reality game shows like "Survivor," "Amazing Race," and "Apprentice," where 18 contestants battle each other through a variety of 30 physical competitions and games to avoid elimination and grasp the final prize. One finalist will get a job with one of the largest corporations in Korea, a trip around the world, and of course, 15 or so minutes of fame on Korean television and media. Hawaii Tourism Korea and The Big Island Visitors Bureau participated in this program, with advertising exposure of Hawaii on the show valued at 20 million. Michael Kelly with Key Crew Productions and Dexter Gomes with Magic Island Productions, both from Honolulu, assisted with locations and production management, with the able assistance of Brandon Page. 25 local hires were part of the total crew base of 100."

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075-throngs of cameras cover the action

John L. Mason
Big Island Film Office

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