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By: Produced by Conference | February 19, 2015


Registration for the Produced By Conference 2015 is now open! This year, Produced By will be held at the Paramount Pictures studio lot. The event will be held over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, May 30-31.

Speaker and programming announcements are forthcoming, but you can take advantage of early-bird pricing and reserve your spot today. Go to the conference website and be among the first registrants for Produced By 2015.

But first, please read these important facts about Produced By registration...

Register today = First choice later on. The best reason to register right now is that after our Produced By sessions are announced, early registrants will have the opportunity to select their sessions before the choice is made available to later registrants. As many of you know, the popular sessions at Produced By fill up fast. By registering today, you guarantee that you'll be among the first in line.

If not today, register soon. You can register right now at our discounted early-bird rates! Prices vary depending on your industry affiliation; see rates for the weekend. But after May 1st, rates will rise across the board.

Each of the last six conferences (seven, if you count Produced By: New York) has featured an incredible collection of speakers, and Produced By 2015 will be no different. If you've ever been to the event before, you know the kind of can't-miss content you'll have the chance to see.

Speaking for ourselves, we think that Produced By is so essential that the full weekend is a terrific value at any price. We'll be sending further reminders as the early-bird deadline draws closer, but consider it one more reason to register sooner, rather than later. Go to for updates and registration links, or reserve your spot directly at our online reservation site.

We look forward to seeing you at Paramount on May 30!

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