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X-Streamers Acquired by L.A. Confetti Effects and Event Staging Firm Bill Ferrell Co.

By: Bill Ferrel Co. | December 16, 2014

X-Streamers Acquired by L.A. Confetti Effects and Event Staging Firm Bill Ferrell Co.

Online confetti retailer has been purchased by Los Angeles® premier event staging business, Bill Ferrell Co. A longtime powerhouse in entertainment, Bill Ferrell designed many of the confetti cannons and launchers used throughout the industry. His firm creates custom confetti effects for television, film, Broadway, and the highest profile New Year®s Eve, sporting and political events around the country. The purchase of X-Streamers extends the 30-year-old company®s share of the confetti effects market beyond its large-venue business-to-business roots to now include the click-and-buy decisions of party-planers worldwide.

The expanded product line includes everything from the bulk multicolored confetti sought for New York®s Times Square celebrations and cruise liner christenings to the ®flick sticks® of high school cheerleaders and the hand-tossed streamers of backyard birthdays.
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®X-Streamers® Internet operation opens our path to the party-throwers,® Bill Ferrell said. ®Today®s confetti effects are sophisticated. We can fill a concert stadium with thirty-foot streamers. We can also drop wisps of 'rose petals' at an intimate wedding. It®s spectacular on any scale.®

Custom color combinations, hand launchers, computer-synchronized cannons and more are currently available on both and Bill Ferrell Co.®s confetti effects team continues to provide consultation services ® now to frazzled art directors, wedding planners, Super Bowl revelers and parents of birthday kids alike.

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