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By: GQC Rentals | November 12, 2014


For over 10 years GQC has been a name you can trust for quality Camera & Production Equipment rentals! We now have a new location and an expanded inventory. GQC is proud to offer the latest in camera technology including ARRI®s Amira and Alexa cameras. With the exceptional image quality and affordable Cfast 2.0 workflow, it doesn®t get much better than ARRI®s multi-capable Amira!
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Newly settled at our bigger & better location at 604 Celis Street in the city of San Fernando, we are a "Boutique" camera house with the competitive pricing and discounts of a wholesaler. GQC specializes in providing quality HD camera packages, studio equipment, and full camera crews specifically tailored to the needs of your project. Whether you are looking for ARRI, Sony, Canon or Panasonic; GQC has several options for you to choose from. We also offer a full compliment of Lenses, Support Gear, Audio, Lighting, Grip trucks, Production Equipment, and excellent Crews!
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If quality cameras and outstanding customer service are important to you, give us a call today at 818-837-8200!

About Us
GQC Entertainment was established in 1999 with the promise of "Quality production you can count on." Today we have established a reputation of hard work and dedication that leads to a quality product for every show we do. GQC provides only highly skilled and creative crew members who are focused upon two goals; Forming a creative, quality product and working hard, but having fun in the process. Because a job is only worth doing if you can enjoy it. For more info please visit:

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