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NEW! Boeing 737 style mockup all inclusive for $2500 per day!

By: Remmet Studios | November 5, 2014

NEW! Boeing 737 style mockup all inclusive for $2500 per day!

Remmet Studios is proud to announce a new addition to its already wide variety of standing sets. On November 1st 2014 Remmet Studios will open its newly acquired stage named Studio 1. This stage will house a new Boeing 737 style mockup complete with Coach and First Class sections (with seating for 40) as well as Galley with boarding entrance and restroom. The entire mockup is constructed using real parts and materials from aircraft. All walls, ceilings, light panels and floor sections are designed to "fly" away with ease to make room for complex camera moves and special effects. The price is $2500 per day and is all inclusive which means use of the set/stage, power, water, HVAC, makeup rooms, green rooms, restrooms, parking, garbage and props is all included! To schedule a site visit of for more information please contact the Studio Manager at 310-737-8033 or visit

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