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Announcing the TechnoJib by Focal Motion

By: Focal Motion | October 3, 2014

Announcing the TechnoJib by Focal Motion

Focal Motion Inc. is very proud to announce their own exclusive TechnoJib. Only a limited number of companies in Los Angeles have one, and now Focal Motion is one of them. We can now personally provide you with one for your upcoming production shoot. The same creative jib service company, JUST GOT BETTER!

Have you ever wanted to use a camera crane with the ability to maneuver in many ways you've only imagined? We did... and now you can too. With our special "introductory rate" you can book one for your next upcoming project and try it. See what capabilities a jib arm can do telescoping out from 9 feet all the way to 24 feet and back, with every increment available in between. Make sure you get the most production value for your budget with this new innovative tool.
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