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The Long Awaited PL Zoom Lenses Have Arrived at Bertone Visuals

By: Bertone Visuals | September 25, 2014

The Long Awaited PL Zoom Lenses Have Arrived at Bertone Visuals

Recently we added to our rental department a couple of new hot PL Zoom lenses that have been long awaited:

- the Angenieux Anamorphic Optimo 56-152mm T4 2S.
- the Fujinon Cabrio 25-300mm T3.5 with Duclos handle and motor bracket.

Finally, we also received a specialty item from Free Fly System called Tero. Tero is a very fast electric remote controlled car capable to reach the speed of 60 mph with a 4K camera and a stabilizing gimbal like the Movi M10 attached to it. This system allow incredible new low angled takes that would be almost impossible without this new technology. We offer the Tero paired with the Canon 1Dc 4K dslr or equipped with the Red Dragon camera. We also include in the system an HD wireless system that transmits a real time video signal to the Directior, the DP and the First AC that can pull focus in real-time using a remote control follow focus like the Axis 1 by Hocus Products or the H®den M26VE. We usually suggest to install on the camera an EF mount Canon CN-E prime lens which plug-in natively on the Canon 1Dc dslr, whereas it required a lens mount adaptor with the Red Dragon. The Canon CN-E 11 blades Cinema lenses are 4K ready and we had the manufacturer Tiffen making for us special circular ND filters that screws into the 105mm thread of the lens barrel.
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