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Stage 1 on Lemona takes on American Ninja Warrior

By: Stage 1 on Lemona | September 5, 2014

Stage 1 on Lemona takes on American Ninja Warrior

Recently, the hit NBC show has been using the intimate Sherman Oaks sound stage for some green screen pick up shots. Stage 1's General Manager and Indie Film Producer Tom Wright says, "We are very proud to welcome the ANW team to Stage 1 and it's a pleasure working with them."

Stage 1 on Lemona offers a wide variety of services but our main objective is to keep your production on time and within budget. Stage 1 on Lemona can build a complete custom package for your specific production. Whether its a television series, feature film, commercial, music video or photo shoot we are fully equipped to handle your cast & crew. Our facilities are ground level with one large sound stage, production offices, wardrobe areas, editing suite, kitchen and more.

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