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Award winning Know Reality Pie for your Production!

By: | May 21, 2018

Award winning Know Reality Pie for your Production!

We've won 8 awards now for pies entered the annual Good Food Pie Contest 7th, 8th, and 9th contests.

Tracy and I have a long 44-year history together since we met in high school so long ago. We now have a tiny pie shop called Know Reality Pie, as you may know, where we sell our small batches of scratch made "Gourmet Artisan Pies" and sell out regularly.

Knowrealitypie makes the best old fashioned real-pie. Our weekend courtyard location and pie truck sell out regularly. We offer sweet pie, savory hand pies, mini pies, crostatas, turnovers, and pie pops. We can bake, slice, wrap, and box them to bring your production morning or afternoon happiness.

Remember to keep calm and eat pie.

Contact us at (323) 434-7925

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