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Studio services include street wet downs, fire control standby, rain bar (sprinkler) water supply, and much more. Equipment available includes 2,500 & 4,000 gallon Los Angeles County Public Safety and Film Unit (PSFU) Approved Water Trucks, as well as multiple 500 gallon water trailers at our disposal. Our studio water trucks are equipped with high pressure water pumps to accommodate the most demanding special effects jobs and come fully stocked with the latest PSFU approved fittings, nozzles, hose reels, and tank mounted water cannons.

Our 4,000 gallon 6x6 (All-Wheel-Drive) studio water trucks are the new standard of the motion picture industry and feature 53' tall mud tires, tank mounted water cannons, remote control bumper mounted water cannons, 6" gravity dumps, color back-up cameras and sensors, and much more. We currently have six 4,000 gallon 6x6 studio water trucks in our growing fleet, giving us far and away, the largest such fleet in the motion picture industry. Additionally, our trucks can also be staffed with "399 Union" drivers that are extensively trained to operate our specialized equipment and we service both "Union" and "Non-Union" TV/Movie Productions. Think of us first when you need PSFU Approved fire prevention or protection services when your production is filming in a high-fire location that requires rugged All-Wheel-Drive water trucks to get the job done


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