Astek, Inc.


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26320 Diamond Pl, Suite 180, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Electronic ballasts for high speed shooting. Ballasts are standard with 1000HZ, 300HZ, 100HZ, 60HZ modes. We have a complete line of ballasts featuring our unique modular construction.

Ballast range consists of: model 800/575 kW, model 1200/800/575 kW, model 1800/1200/800/575 kW, model 4000/2500/1800/1200 kW, model 6000/4000/2500 kW, model 9000/6000/4000/2500 kW, model 18000/12000/9000/6000 kW, model 24000/18000/12000 kW.