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The Oklahoma Film + Music Office supports, connects and promotes the film and music industries in the state of Oklahoma. Located just south of the geographic center of the United States, Oklahoma is equidistant from Los Angeles and New York City. Across its 77 counties, you'll have access to 12 distinct eco-regions where you can experience everything from trademark great plains and sweeping prairies to the unexpected lush forests, expansive plateaus and sand dunes conveniently showcased in the Oklahoma Locations Guide.

One of the highest cash rebates in the United States, The Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program offers a cash rebate of 35-37% on qualified expenditures with a minimum budget of $50,000 with at least $25,000 spent in-state. Our program currently has a $5 million rolling cap per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) and has been renewed through 2024. The base amount of the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate (35%) is increased to 37% if a production company spends a minimum of $20,000 for the use of music created by an Oklahoma resident that is recorded in Oklahoma, or for the cost of recording songs.

Experience heartland hospitality at its finest with the Oklahoma Production Guide, which allows users free access to an online directory of Oklahoma film industry professionals and film friendly businesses and services. If it's music you're looking for, the Oklahoma Music Guide offers the state's official listing of talented musicians, venues and music businesses. All of our directories can be conveniently accessed by visiting or by downloading our iPhone app from the iTunes store.

For more information about the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program, the Oklahoma Production Guide, the Oklahoma Locations Guide or the Oklahoma Music Guide, please contact the Oklahoma Film + Music Office at 1.800.766.FILM or visit www..