A1 Medical Integration


(818) 768-8935
9337 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Arleta, CA 91331-4315


Laurel Canyon Stages offers two separate shooting facilities:

• Stage A Offers 8,400 square feet of open space with an expansive overhead lighting grid. Stage dimensions: 133' long x 67' wide x 16' floor to overhead grid height. An equipment cage and area for flats storage against the south wall (see stage diagram). Two large roll-up doors with interior sliding sound baffles provide convenient access directly onto the stage floor. Stage A also features a pre-lit, two-wall, digital green infinite cyclorama. Its powered overhead grid is outfitted Kino-Flo Image 80 tungsten lights. Production offices and an ample gated parking lot.

• Stage B This 6,200 square foot stage houses our popular full-scale sci-fi spaceship sets. Our stationary modular sets feature pulley - operated corridor doors, a removable bridge set wall, and a powered overhead lighting grid. A large roll-up door allows easy access for all your material and equipment. Gated parking is available.