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Imperial Art Studios provides commercial & raw warehouse space, connecting film and photo production companies with commercial real estate investors. But our services go beyond that – we tailor locations to the specific needs of our clients, listening and providing exceptional service in a niche market.

Our clientele is wide-ranging, and we provide spaces that enable:

• Film and photo production

• Art, music, fashion, or corporate events

• Pop-up galleries, Immersive productions, meetings, exhibits

• Base-camp, parking

• Fabrication facilities for all sorts of creative projects, small or large

• Temporary storage for sets and art installations

Our inventory is constantly growing - particularly base camps, temporary mills, and event spaces. The recent tax credit initiatives to bring filming back to Los Angeles, combined with the renaissance of DTLA Arts District has diminished temporary available space for creative short-term use. Given this growth, we are constantly looking for commercial/warehouse space from 20 – 50K square feet and can be rented for up to six months.

Because of the niche service we provide, most of our clients come on a referral basis. We contract in the property owner's name, with funds paid either up front, or the first morning of production. Negotiations typically begin either around two weeks in advance for larger budget shoots or a day or two before production for smaller productions. Checks are made directly to the property owners, along with insurance and permits when applicable. Only after the transaction/production has completed Imperial Art Studios makes a standard 30% commission that we invoice upon conclusion of the contract.

Imperial Art Studios is a business member of the Location Mangers Guild International ()

Feel free to call, text or email anytime with any further inquiries. Thank you for your interest in Imperial Art Studios, and I hope you have a great week.


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