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Creative Handbook
Atlanta Film Animals

Specializing in Camera Cranes & Remote heads for the film industry.

Telescoping cranes - (Technocranes) 10' Scorpiocrane, 17ft Moviebird,24ft Moviebird, 30ft Moviebird, 30ft Technocrane, 45ft Moviebird, 50ft Technocrane, 60ft Moviebird

Fixed arm Cranes - (variable length- longest reach listed) - 33ft Foxy Pro,30ft Giraffe Crane, 57ft GF-16

Jibs - Aerojib (8'9"), GF-Multijib (16')

Remote Heads - the Oculus Stab Head, the Scorpio Stabilized Head, Mo-Sys Lambda, Mo-Sys L40, the Talon Head, the Scorpio V Stabilized Head, the Scorpio Mini V Stabilized head and the Power Pod Prime Stabilized Head with Roll.

Mobile Bases - Dragon Base for 60ft Moviebird only (4X4,roundy & Crab steering), Frog (4X4)base for 50ft Technocrane, Krawler base(6X6) for 30' technos or foxy crane.

Electric car - Coming soon the "Nazcar" great for motion shots- fast & quiet, for Steadicam, 10' Scorpio telescoping arm, Aaerojib or GF multijib- also have electromagnetic German spring mount made by Toolman Custom.

Accessories - Pan bars, joysticks, wireless handwheels controls, Preston wireless focus,

Cranium Inc.<br />&quot;Specializing in Cranes,<br />Mobile Bases and Remote Heads&quot;

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