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By: Weissman / Markovitz Communications | April 11, 2022

<i>L-R Mona Heathcoate, Ana Sharp, Dylan Kiedman. Beth Dubber, Hollywood On The Spectrum</i>
L-R Mona Heathcoate, Ana Sharp, Dylan Kiedman. Beth Dubber, Hollywood On The Spectrum

In connection with Autism Appreciation Month, still photographer Beth Dubber announces the launch of a photo series focused on neurodiversity in the entertainment industry to profile actors who are on the Spectrum and how it is making notable progress in the motion picture, television and streaming world. The photo series, "Hollywood On The Spectrum," features both working actors as well as up and coming talent hoping to break into Hollywood. It is a photographic portrait series featuring actors and musicians who are on the Spectrum. This project delves deeper by including interviews of the actors who discuss challenges and successes within the Hollywood strata. The website is now live.

"Having worked as a set Photographer for over 15 years, I was compelled to create this photo series after working with a talented group of actors from The Miracle Project who were on the Autism Spectrum. As an ally, my hope is to leverage my talents and connections in the industry to continue to build awareness and help reframe the conversation around diverse casting in Hollywood, by offering a new visual platform for attention and hearing from the group in their own words," said Beth Dubber, originator and photographer of this project.

Musician and Actor, Aiden Boyer added, "As a person on the autism spectrum, I crave community, as I've been involuntarily devoid of it growing up. This project gave me and my colleagues a platform to be unapologetically ourselves, and allowed us to be a part of this tremendous community, on such a beautiful day that I'll remember for the rest of my life."

Learn more about the campaign and actors here at

Film and television have a profound ability to influence our lives, and one of the most powerful demonstrations of this is the phrase "representation matters". When someone from a historically underrepresented group sees themselves on screen, it can be transformational for both them and society. Until recently, representations of the spectrum of Autism were rare, and when such characters did appear, they were primarily played by neurotypical actors, for example, the most well-known being the role of Dustin Hoffman in Rainman.

Elaine Hall, consultant for this project, said, "I am proud to be part of this groundbreaking project, which celebrates those of us who experience the world differently. The kindness, respect and visibility that Hollywood on the Spectrum provides can be life changing for these most talented underrepresented actors." Elaine is a TV and film access consultant, founder of The Miracle Project ( and co-founder of 1IN4 Coalition (

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