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Why is Robert Pattinson the Batman We've Been Waiting For?

April 25, 2022

Why is Robert Pattinson the Batman We\'ve Been Waiting For?
Finally we get to talk about the new Batman movie.

The Batman premiered earlier this March with spectacular reviews from my friends in the target demographic. The first Batman film starring Robert Pattinson comes with a lot of anticipation from Pattinson fans. I suppose the success of this Batman would convert 2010's Twilight fans into DC Universe aficionados, if they weren't already. If you haven't walked through Times Square this year and somehow missed the mysterious billboards leading up to the premiere, here's the trailer for The Batman (2022).

The Cast of The Batman is the perfect combination of young, attractive emo actors.

Fine! I confess, I love Robert Pattison as an actor. I'm also drawn to the DC Universe Superhero films. In the past decade or so, between the DC Universe and Marvel movies, DC has taken the most artistic risks. Though some have not been successful, i.e. Batman vs. Superman (2016), this NEW Batman (sorry, Ben Affleck) might be the one we've been waiting for.

Batman's 2022 Gotham Is Pure Chaos.

Let's talk about what we saw in The Batman trailer for a bit. This Gotham is not a nice place, it looks moody, grungy, dirty and crime-infested. This is the ideal place for a bat.

Paul Dano stars as the Riddler. He is known for his role as Dwayne in Little Miss Sunshine, another important emo character.

Zoe Kravitz is Batwoman, which is a perfect fit for this cast of young, attractive, formerly dark and grungy teen actors. Other than being the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, she is known for being an excellent actress. She has had success in many roles recently. She stars in Kimi (2022) on HBO, another must-watch film.

Make sure to bring plenty of snacks if you're going to watch The Batman. It's almost 3 hours long!

The common criticism is that The Batman is very long. With a runtime of two hours and fifty six minutes, this is the longest solo Batman movie and one of the longest superhero movies to date. So be prepared to sit down for an epic when you go to the movies. Usually films with this kind of runtime become dragging, but the reviews suggest that it's an enjoyable and exciting three hours of entertainment.

You can expect from the trailer that there is a lot of kicking butt in this film. It's definitely not the emotional character work we saw on Joker (2019). We talk about it more in this link. The 2019 Joker set a precedent for the development of the villain's emotional background, something that has been rarely touched in the superhero genre. In The Batman (2022), a younger Bruce Wayne exposes the character's psychological background. In doing this, DC is differentiating their specific brand of heroes and villains from the growing and evolving Disney owned Marvel's brand.

It's interesting to watch the different directions actors take the Batman character. Some are more memorable than others. Before this film, The Batman, as I remember, would always be played by Christian Bale. I suppose for others the first actor they think of is Michael Keaton. With each new reprise of the character the actor gets to bring about a new form to the role. In this sense, Batman is like a Shakespearean play. Hamlet would be the best comparison. No wonder it draws the likes of famously craft-invested actors like Christian Bale, Ben Affleck (sort of) and Robert Pattinson.

From a Vampire to The Batman: That's Growth!

Pattinson could very well be the first person I think of when I think of Batman from now on. Not a huge leap, for he was a vampire before. He has shown a lot of depth as an actor since Twilight (2008) with films like the Lighthouse (2019), and The Devil All the Time (2020). His role as Preacher Preston Teagardin in The Devil All the Time was one of the most interesting I saw that year. Needless to say Robert Pattinson has proven that he has the range to anchor The Batman films for the next few years.

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