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Use Us As Your Harware ToolBox
While You Focus On The Other Aspects of Your Production

December 29, 2022

Use Us As Your Harware ToolBox
Rose Brand carries a full line of production hardware for theatre and events. Think about us when you need Stretcher Frames to prevent hourglassing of scrims, Motorized track systems to move curtains or scenery, Kabuki Drop Systems for reveals or conceals, Dance Floor Carts for storage, Triple Swivel Casters to move scenery in tight spaces, T-Handles for Coffin Locks, Track or Pipe Bending Services, and so much more.

See the items below and explore all of our hardware & equipment here. For any questions about how a product is used or other information, please call our sales consultants at (800) 223-1624.

Heavy Duty Roll Drum
8-inch diameter aluminum roller tube can be ordered in widths ranging from 6ft to 38ft. Lift capacity up to 120 lbs. Learn more about all of our roll drum products

Stretcher Frame System
Designed to fix extreme "hourglassing" and puckering often encountered with scrims, bobbinettes, vinyl, projection screens, and muslin backdrops. Learn more.

Triple Swivel Casters
Fantastic for maneuvering heavy loads in toight quarters. Comes in varying sizes and weight capacities. See all of our casters here.

Motorized Track Systems
Featuring ADC and Triple E Curtain Track systems, including ADC T-Lift 2,0, the easiest to install automated curtain lift system in the industry.

Pallet Master Casters
The ideal caster for low profile wagons. Advanced Elastomer and sealed bearings create a 1 1/4" diameter caster for pallets. Call for discounts on 20 or more.

Wagon Brakes
Provides secure holding power, as well as fast, quiet releasing without drilling holes in the stage floor. Wagon brakes lift scenery off its casters to prevent the wagon from shifting under active actor movements.

Snow & Confetti Machines & Tumblers
Motorized, rotating, perforated aluminum tubes provide snow and confetti effects from a dusting to a blizzard. Multiple 5' long drums with a diameter of 8" connect together to create the desired stage length.

Kabuki Systems
Lightweight, modular, and easy to use. Capable of both single and double kabuki effects. Just a single trip mechanism can operate a full stage single kabuki drop.

Floor Storage Carts
Holds up to six 2m (78") wide rolls of stage flooring for storage and transport within your venue.

Pipe Bending Services
Both steel and aluminum pipe can be bent to virtually any radius. We also provide custom curtain track systems that can be curved to accommodate your specifications.

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