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Creative Handbook
Harlequin Stage & Dance Floors
Harlequin Stage & Dance Floors

Stunt coordinator, stuntman, stunt rigger, stunt equipment owner. One Resource for all your stunt needs. With 21 years experience and perfect safety record, I have worked with some of the biggest names in the movie industry and have earned the respect of well-known directors, producers and second unit action directors. I own a very large selection of stunt equipment, which is included in my stunt-coordinating package (no outsourcing). 53 ft. enclosed big rig tractor-trailers and 20 ft. enclosed trailers full of rigging / stunt equipment supplies: ropes, steel lines, flying harnesses, fall pads/mats, body pads, pneumatic air rams, ratchets and much more. Demo reel / resume at: . United States and European Union passport. Call for any questions or quotes. I can assure you to be a great asset on your next project.

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