Honeywagons Essential On Location

Honeywagons are mobile or portable restroom trailers that are also used as dressing rooms & cast trailers, wardrobe and hair & makeup facilities while filming on location. Legend has it that honeywagons units are so named because of the "honey-colored" liquid that comes out of them when draining the holding tanks. Honeywagons range in size from single stalls to units with multiple stalls and showers. Honeywagons offer the comforts of home while working on motion picture and television production.

Portable Restrooms Necessary While Filming On Location

Portable restrooms contracted by production companies shooting on location usually offer climate controlled units with single or multiple stalls, flushing toilets, sinks with running water, a vanity with a mirror, and interior/exterior lighting. Portable restrooms are frequently seen at construction sites and at large gatherings like outdoor music festivals.

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