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Quantum NVMe | What It Means For Media Production

By: Key Code Media | January 26, 2019

Quantum NVMe | What It Means For Media Production

Key Code Media Presents: Broadcast2Post Web Series

Join Quantum to learn about these emerging technologies that media professionals and content producers can use to accelerate workflows, reduce infrastructure costs, and more. We'll be showcasing our new NVMe storage appliance - designed to work with StorNext - and explain what you need to know, and what you need to do, to translate these new technologies into an opportunity for you. One customer found that with just six servers powered by NVMe flash, NVMesh enabled 4K streaming @ 60 fps to 55 workstations concurrently with a low cost per-GB (includes servers, NVMe drives, and networking). This is a must see demonstration for customers experiencing bandwidth limitation on UHD or HDR projects.

**A link to the webinar will be provided 5-days prior to the event via email.
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Feb 21 @ 10am PT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET

Eric Bassier, Sr Director Product Marketing


Excelero NVMesh is a software-defined storage solution that is taking the media and entertainment post-production and sound studio ecosystem by storm. NVMesh enables workstations' access to large scalable bandwidth and low-latency performance that studios and their customers need for streaming, editing, and reel presentation to any workstation at any time. With 4K becoming the standard and 8K on the horizon, NVMesh enables workstations to be ready for the future while the business enjoys a hardware-agnostic approach, driving down costs and enabling flexibility.

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