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Night Lights by Bebee...Unmatched by anyone, anywhere, anytime!

By: Night Lights By Bebee | October 18, 2018

Night Lights by Bebee: Unmatched Support

Our one man, fully self-contained units are cost effective, reliable and ready for "action" in under15 minutes with Soundproof generators |Flicker-free ballasts |360° Turret rotation |180° Light rack rotation with 80° tilt | 300° Individual light rotation with 160° tilt | Remote controlled, camera guided lights for exact placement | Gel, spot, and flood individually or as a group | Boom heights up to 130.' [4x4k, 3x12k, 3x18k, 3x20k, 6x6k, 9x6k, 15x6k] Trucks in California, Texas and Georgia.


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