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Cine Gear Expo Technical Awards

By: Juliane Grosso | July 30, 2012

Cine Gear Expo Technical Awards

2012 Winners
Honoring the Best in New Technology

Camera Technology
Sony Electronics, Inc. - Sony NEX-FS700 Camcorder

Lighting Technology - Three way tie
Hive Lighting Inc. - Line of Plasma Lights:
Hornet Fresnel, Wasp Par, Killer Maxi2 & Drone Source Four Retrofit Kit
Hollywood Vaults - Generator integrated into vehicle
K5600 Inc. - Joker 1600 Series of Lights:
Joker 1600 Bug Lite, Beamer and Zoom Beamer

Post Production Technology
Light Iron - TODAILIES

Support Technology
Geo Film Group Inc. - Alpha Stabilized Remote Camera Head

Sony Professional Solutions of America and Filmlight LTD.
Mates the Truelight Software to the Sony BVM E Series Monitors

3D Technology - No Award Given

Sound Technology - No Award Given

Dana Christiaansen - Director/ Director of Photography
Daron James - Sound
Peter Santoro - Post Production
Dwight Campbell - Lighting
Peter Anderson, ASC - 3D

About Cine Gear Expo
Since its inception in 1996, Cine Gear Expo (CGE) has been committed to producing the premier trade event for those engaged in the field of the moving image. CGE is dedicated to serving the community of film, video and digital professionals by providing an outstanding industry affair focusing on new technologies, educational forums and time to network with peers.

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