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By: Troy Entertainment | March 13, 2012

Andrew Troy has relocated his company Troy Entertainment to the Westside to provide filmmakers an alternative sound production solution including full post production supervision, sound editorial & design, music recording & editing, and theatre & near-field mixing. Andrew's private post-facility includes a Dolby Certified mixing stage, a dual operator System 5 Euphonix console, digital high definition projection, and comprehensive sound & picture editing and mixing bays.

"Having an inspiring facility with the proper equipment is certainly beneficial, but regardless of the gear the most important thing is that I'm surrounded by great creative people who genuinely appreciate and understand the filmmaking and sound process." - A.Troy

Andrew is in the final stages of completing all sound production for the highly anticipated Shane Salerno documentary "Salinger" about reclusive writer J.D. Salinger. He also recently self produced the independent films, "Sugar", "Pound of Flesh" and "On The Run". Other recent projects include: The Fighter, The Runaways, Bones, Wild Russia, Acid Test: A Global Challenge, Restoring the Light, and the South African 3-D animated feature film "Jock: Of the Bushveld".

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