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By: Line 204 | April 20, 2018


Top boutique studio and production rental company to build largest brand-new studio complex in Los Angeles area in almost 30 years

On April 16, 2018, Line 204, one of Los Angeles' top boutique studio and production rental companies, was approved by the 2nd District Court of Appeal to break ground on the largest studio complex to be built in the Los Angeles area in close to 30 years. The brand-new facility will be an important addition to the local entertainment industry, as the project will help meet a growing demand for high-quality soundstages in the Los Angeles area. Line 204 is scheduled to break ground on the project in September 2018 with a slated completion date of fall 2019.

"We're excited to bring the most top-of-the line studio complex that the entertainment industry has ever seen to Los Angeles," said Alton Butler, Chief Executive of Line 204. "Line 204 looks forward to welcoming more television and motion picture projects and keeping production jobs in Los Angeles."

To design the state-of-the art studio complex, Line 204 acquired Bastien and Associates, Inc., who has built top film, television and broadcast studios all over the world. The 240,000-square-foot complex will be built on a 10-acre site in the heart of Sun Valley, a desirable location that's less than 15 minutes from Hollywood Burbank Airport and 30 minutes from Hollywood. The facility will feature two buildings inclusive of 10 genuine soundstages, production offices and 550 parking spaces. The complex will be a viable destination for television and motion picture projects with design quality and amenities that depart significantly from the barren warehouse model prevalent in the industry. Butler has spent the last few years polling people in the entertainment industry about what they are looking for in a desirable studio and soundstage space to ensure that Line 204 is designing the best facility possible with the most high-quality design and equipment available today.

With the assistance of California's Film & Television Tax Credit Program 2.0 and the increase of on-demand and streaming content, the City of Los Angeles has recently seen a boom in local production. Due to this growth, there is a demand for high-quality soundstages in the Los Angeles area. According to a November 2017 study released by FilmLA, the official film office for the City and County of Los Angeles, 12 of the largest studios in the Los Angeles area had a 96 percent average occupancy rate in 2016. With the need for more soundstage space, the addition of Line 204's new facility will offer more filming opportunities for the growing industry, as well as assist in keeping production and jobs in Los Angeles rather than going to competing cities, such as Vancouver and Atlanta.

The state's 2nd District Court of Appeal's approval to move forward with building Line 204's studio complex comes after a three-year lawsuit filed by Sun Valley neighbors, who opposed the project for concerns that the studio may not be compatible with the nearby single-story, single-family community. The Los Angeles Planning Commission approved Line 204's Sun Valley complex plans in April 2015, and residents appealed. The Planning and Land Use Management Committee then approved it in July 2015, and the Los Angeles City Council went on to approve it in August 2015. Following the City Council decision, residents filed suit. A judge ruled in favor of the City and Line 204 in November 2016, and residents appealed the decision. The appeal was heard in February 2018 by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Richard L. Fruin Jr., and on April 16, 2018, filed in favor of the project to move forward.

Details on the groundbreaking ceremony for Line 204's Sun Valley complex will be announced later this summer.

About Line 204

Line 204 is a top boutique studio and production rental company in Los Angeles that is owned and operated by Chief Executive Alton Butler. In 1997, Alton launched Line 204 out of his garage in Studio City where he rented production equipment to Los Angeles commercial units. Under his leadership, Line 204 has grown expeditiously, employing over 120 team members across three business entities: Line 204, 204 Events and Angstrom Lighting. In 2018, Line 204 will break ground on a 240,000-square-foot studio complex in Sun Valley - the largest to be built in LA in close to 30 years! Line 204 has hosted some of the most recognized print and commercial shoots in the industry, recently including The Hollywood Reporter's Emmy "Roundtable" series, "Dancing with the Stars" promos for Disney and 2018's notable Academy Awards promo with Jimmy Kimmel. Line 204 has rented props and production equipment for some of the top TV shows on-air today, such as "This is Us." For more information about Line 204, please visit

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