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By: Dan Harary | September 16, 2011

As Fall 2011 television shows gear up to start filming in and around Los Angeles, the Real to Reel Location Agency will once again be providing many of the locations to them for scenes which will be incorporated into these projects. Approaching its 30th anniversary year of business in 2012, the Real to Reel Location Agency regularly provides agency-represented properties to a majority of the TV shows which are-or will soon be -- in production throughout the LA area. The announcement was made by Gary Onyshko, CEO, Real to Reel Location Agency.

Without question one of the largest, most prolific and successful location agencies working within Southern California's entertainment industry, the Real to Reel Location Agency represents the owners of virtually every imaginable variety of property, including both open and closed hospitals, offices, mansions, schools, warehouses, apartments, and even the iconic Hollywood & Highland Center. Real to Reel has provided locations for thousands of feature films, television programs, music videos, still photography sessions and commercial productions since its formation in l982, and has also managed tens of thousands of prep shoot and wrap days during that time.

Among the TV series for which Real to Reel will likely be providing production locations throughout LA during the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 season are "Bones," "American Horror Story," "Parenthood," "Prime Suspect," "CSI NY," "Body of Proof," "Castle," "The Finder," "Up All Night," "Next Big Thing, " "Rizzoli & Isles, "Perception," "Chuck," "Sons of Anarchy," and "Face Off," to name some

In the recent past, Real to Reel-represented properties have been used to shoot scenes appearing in such hit films as "Horrible Bosses," "Due Date," "The Backup Plan," "Green Hornet," "Spider-Man 1 & 2," "Transformers 1 & 2," "Frost/Nixon," "The 40 Year Old Virgin," "Million Dollar Baby," "Jurassic Park 3," "As Good as It Gets," "Pineapple Express" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," among many others. TV series filming at Real to Reel sites during the past few years have included "Scrubs" (7 years), "Hawthorne" (2 years), "True Blood," "CSI," "CSI: Miami," "CSI: New York," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Entourage," "Weeds," "The Office," "Californication," "Luck," "The Closer," "Criminal Minds," "House," "Ugly Betty," "Alias," "24," and countless more. In fact, Real to Reel refined the idea of securing a multi-year deal for the use of a single practical location for an on-going television series.

Music Videos for The Rolling Stones, Celine Dion, R. Kelly, Bon Jovi, Cher, Snoop Dog, Neil Young and Janet Jackson have been shot at Real to Reel locations. Location Managers working on Commercials for such major brands as Mercedes Benz, McDonalds, Intel, United Airlines, IBM, Fed Ex, Coca-Cola, Honda, Toyota and Gatorade have also turned to the Real to Reel Location Agency.

A regular supporter of both the Location Managers Guild of America, and the Hollywood Teamsters Local 399, Real to Reel is one of the few location agencies in Southern California licensed as a real estate brokerage corporation by the California Department of Real Estate. Also notable is the fact that the company's President and CEO, Gary Onyshko, is a licensed California attorney with a unique background in film locations and experience in the areas of real estate, business, consumer and contract law. No other location agency in Southern California has an attorney on staff. Onyshko oversees a team of Senior Booking and Acquisitions Agents that works closely with hundreds of property owners who own unique locations that make for interesting settings for all forms of entertainment productions.

By listing with Real to Reel, property owners enjoy the revenue from these diverse productions at no out-of-pocket expense to them, and with only minimal time and effort exerted on their part, since Real to Reel does most of the logistical work for them. Real to Reel was one of the first location agencies founded in the Los Angeles area, and is, today, considered to be one of the largest, offering the most comprehensive servicers.

The reason why owners of some of LA's most prestigious properties, including St. Vincent Medical Center, Woodbury University, Marymount High School, the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and the above cited Hollywood and Highland Center choose Real to Reel as their exclusive representative to the entertainment industry is because Real to Reel handles all marketing, promotion, negotiation, coordination, filming inquiries, filming supervision, security deposits and accounting, contract oversight, insurance, paperwork, overtime, scouting, and many other time-consuming activities for its clients.

Real to Reel's longstanding reputation for providing the best locations available in the Los Angeles region cause Location Managers and producers to regularly contact the agency to help them secure the perfect location for their production's needs. Indicative of the success of Real to Reel's unique marketing outreach and reputation is the fact that the agency receives over 1,000 phone calls in an average year from productions seeking the right location for their project. It isn't uncommon for Real to Reel to handle several million dollars worth of location fees during any given year.

Based in Van Nuys, CA, Real to Reel has also been a longtime associate member of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP), and regularly exhibits at the AFCI Locations Trade Show. For more information, please visit:

Dan Harary
The Asbury PR Agency

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