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2015 Writing for Film & Television Program

By: Act One Program | January 7, 2015

2015 Writing for Film & Television Program

The Writing for Film Online Program offers premium instruction and training in the craft, all from the convenience of your home. With an emphasis on artistry, professionalism, meaning, and Christian spirituality, students are supported throughout the writing process by a Master Teacher who is a working professional, that will mentor you via Skype and various other forms of electronic communication.

The Program begins with a 3-day intensive workshop, where you will sit with Hollywood screenwriters, producers, and executives and engage in high-level discussions on film, story, faith and contemporary culture. Lectures and workshops will focus on the vision and creativity needed to succeed in today®s Industry. You will leave spiritually challenged and refreshed, ready to dive into Online Courses.

The Online Classes will cover screenwriting basics (plot, character, dialogue and structure) through more advances topics (the Theology of Story, Introducing Your Characters, and Plot Twists). You are sure to come away from the course with confidence, knowledge and the seeds of a feature film outline and/or treatment.

Here is what you can expect to walk away with once the Spring is over:
® Artistry
® Professionalism
® Knowledge
® Confidence

You will also have:
® The foundations of a solid feature film outline or treatment.
® Access to the Act One Alumni Programs and a vibrant Creative Community.

SPRING 2015:
®3-Day Intensive Workshop: Late February 2015
®10-Week Online Course: March ® May 2015

Apply to Spring 2015 Online by January 14 ' Get $500 off Tuition, simply mention "Creative Handbook"

Apply here:

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