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Animals and Trainers - Available for "On-Location" Filming Anywhere in the World.

By: Animals of Montana | November 5, 2014

Animals and Trainers - Available for "On-Location" Filming Anywhere in the World.

At Animals of Montana Inc., our goal is to provide you with the filming or photographic opportunity of a lifetime. You will find yourself amidst some of the most knowledgeable animal trainers in the industry who will help guide and educate you throughout your entire experience.

You will witness compelling interactions between man and some of the most incredible creatures on the planet
The mutual respect between our head trainers, Troy Hyde and Demetri Price and the animals they work with day in and day out is evident and awe inspiring.

Your heart will pound and your adrenaline will rush as you feel the breeze from a wolf pack blaze by the tip of your camera lens.Industry News Image

We want you to work together with our wildlife, not wait around for it!

Please call us today with questions, ideas, special requests, MOTION FILM or COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY inquiries. We also work in collaboration with Carisch Helicopters Inc. for any of your filming needs.
Thank you from everyone at Animals of Montana Inc. We look forward to working with you!Industry News ImageIndustry News Image

NEW ARRIVALS ® ®Tonka® the baby bison and Samson the 5 month old Barbary Lion.

Local: 406.686.4224 - International: 800.315.6948

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