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Before you start your weekend Netflix binge, do yourself a favor and check out these red hot animation shorts of the week

By: The Audience Awards | July 27, 2018

Check out these red hot animation shorts

The Audience Awards is a company started by filmmakers for filmmakers, we have a deep desire to do what we can to introduce you to real opportunity and connection. Submit quality content for our creative and brand contests and grab your chance to win cash, prizes and screenings at some of the most amazing film festivals on the circuit.

Our audience is our secret weapon - the very thing that separates us from any company that even thinks of competing against us. Sure, you get to vote and make a HUGE impact in the lives of our filmmakers, but did you also know that, as a film lover, you have access to a huge library of short films in every category you can imagine? Go watch!

Fears are visible as constant companions of their owners. The creatures can make people's lives more difficult, but they can also be very useful.

On an isolated cacti farm, three stressed out birds ask a cowgirl to help put a stop to the elusive Ax-Man.

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