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Los Angeles to New York

On Call Medic : Qualified first aid/ set medic personnel for the BEST Price.

We are one of the ONLY companies that employees a Medical Director (MD)

24/7/365 for National and International medical direction. Without which an

EMT is unable to legally perform their duties or use Oxygen or AED's.

90% of our job is to make your job safe, accident and injury free. We make

sure your set is free from hazards or potential hazards. If such an

incidence does occur, we are there to treat your personnel with quality care

and confidentiality.

We bring all the necessary equipment: emergency supplies including: oxygen,

defibrillators, sutures, trauma, and OTC Meds to name just a few of our ER

equipment. We have all local, state and national certifications as well as

liability insurance. Please see me on imdb:

Our EMTs are trained in all areas of emergency medical management and