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Authentic fully dressed autopsy/morgue, Refrigerators, cabinets, freezers & body crypts, Autopsy tables, dissecting instruments & X-ray viewers, Microscopes, body bags, gurneys & photographic equipment, Embalming tables/machines & embalming instruments, Forensic (CSI) technical advisor, crime scene, autopsy, mortuary & script, Great selection of modern & period equipment a "must see" Autopsy Tables, Autopsy Instruments, Cabinet Dressings Charts - Anatomical, Counter Dressings, Dissecting Autopsy Kits, Embalmers Equipment - Antique, Embalming Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Lighting, Medical Books, Morgue Set Furnishings, Period Pieces, Refrigeration for Morgue/Crypt, Scales, Sinks - Mortuary & Autopsy, Stainless steel - Carts and shelving, Stainless Steel Cabinets, Tables - Stainless steel and white, Wall Furnishings, White cabinets, White Enamel Items