Hand Prop Room


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6955 Speedway Blvd. Ste T101, Las Vegas, NV 89115

FTSR stocks FTSI equipment for immediate availability for movie work, special events, theaters or workshops. We also provide rental options for the full line of FTSI equipment for theater installations of any duration and of any size. We have experienced Navigator operators and chief riggers available to make your next movie shoot, flying gag or theater installation a success.

High speed winches, track and accessories rented from FTSR perform perfectly choreographed and repeatable complex motions in 2 and 3-D. FTSR can move cameras, staging or performers using suspended lines or fixed high speed track, safely, accurately and repeatably. FTSI's Navigator has drivers for Libra and Filmotechnic camera heads as well as software camera control. Navigator also has extension drivers for virtually any type of automation, video, or audio system allowing for complete control of your shot. The movement of lights, synchronization of scenery with video or audio, flying of scenery or performers and dynamic movement of video walls, gives you a palette of effects for your most creative production. Whether you want a dramatic reveal for an industrial show, to lower a billionaire down the side of a casino or fly a snow mobile over an audience, all have been performed with gear rented from FTSR.