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Firetect headquartered in California, 40 miles north of Los Angeles. For over 25 years, Firetect has manufactured and their Certified Applicators have applied flame retardant paints, coatings and saturants to a global customer base.

Firetect manufacturers a full line of Class A and B flame retardant paints, varnishes, saturants and coatings for the textile, entertainment and building industry. All of our products have passed Class 1 or Class 2 flame spread ratings by Certified Laboratories. Our flame retardants are unique in their ease of application, the ability to comply with appropriate fire codes and most important - effectiveness.

Primary product areas include flame retardant for fabrics, intumescent industrial coatings, saturants and coatings for decorative materials, including fabric, paper, wood, foliage, hay and straw. Each product is approved by ICBO, City of Los Angeles, NFPA, U.S. Military, Children's Sleepwear, FAA, ASTM, UL, State of California, and New York.

Want to pass ASTM E84, NFPA 701, Title 19, NFPA 255 &265?

We work with you on flame retarding for:

Wood, Fabric, Foam, Leather, Vinyl, Mattresses, Ticking, Hay, Straw and Foliage.

Additional Services:

Code Testing


Site Inspections

Special Projects

Testing of Fabric and other decorative materials.