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ComTranslations is your international subtitling, dubbing and translation partner. We have experience in all types of audiovisual projects, we know all about VOD and broadcast requirements and we work in more than 140 languages.

Our prices are amongst the most competitive in the market and with offices in Los Angeles and Madrid, we have the time-zones covered ensuring we meet your deadlines, guaranteed.

Whether you're an independent producer, agency or distributor, whatever your subtitling needs are, we provide every type of service. We work with all types of broadcast, web and mobile content, DVD, VOD platforms, BD, and multiple other formats and cater to all style preferences.

Our in-house team of experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in time-cueing, positioning and framing; guaranteeing 100% accuracy and always the highest quality. Our team is trained to provide you with excellence at every stage of subtitling, from localization to timing, to spotting, always adhering and conforming to all specifications.

If you are looking for natural and quality dubbing for your films, broadcasts, online video content or multilingual media, then look no further.

Once our sound editors have edited and arranged all of the necessary tracks, we will send you native voice-actor options for pre-selection. Our team of top professionals will then work towards providing you with a top quality translation, tight lip syncing, script editing, seamless voice-overs, and mixing.

We do all types of dubbing; UN Style voice-over, lip-syncing, looping and lock-to-picture recording. We have facilities worldwide and always guarantee localization done by natives.

Do you need a quality closed captioning service to communicate your content more successfully?

We offer a range of captioning services, including all types of recorded programs (Offline Closed Captions) and live programs at the time of broadcast (Real Time Captions). We also offer different styles of captions (pop-on style / roll-up style) and export formats.

We burn, encode and sync all of your subtitles and closed captions into all video formats (including HD, DCP, SD, etc.) Send us your subtitle file or let us create the files for you and then burn and encode everything into the video, using the latest and most innovative technology to ensure that nothing is lost along the way.

Do you need transcriptions done quickly and affordably?

Simply send us what you need to be transcribed in any file format, In a short turn-around time, you will have your professionally transcribed text in the format of your choice.

Audio description is the most effective way to deliver visual content to the blind and those with impaired vision. We identify your exact needs and specific standards from the outset before moving on to script-writing, compiling the auditory and non-auditory information, and delivering a top-quality audio description. If you need a detailed narration of everything that is happening in your broadcasted content, whether it be on TV, in a theatre or even a film, whatever your audio project may be, we do it all.