The Rosenthal Group


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Remote-Controlled Helicopter Systems built for and honored by the film industry. Our system was designed to fly a camera into areas beyond the capacity of a full-sized helicopter. The system incorporates a lock-in or lock-out tri-axis gyroscopic stabilizer for either smooth or flight-like shots. Watch the downlink video from the ground to frame the shot with tilt, pan and roll control. We have the highest-qualified flight crews with the best equipment. To access all geographic areas, our equipment utilizes standard automotive fuel instead of alcohol. To fit into your budget, we offer three versions of aircraft. We can film in 35mm, 16mm, or Digital or HD Video. To reduce your shipping costs and minimize delays, our system can be carried on commercial aircraft as excess baggage. We are experienced in all parts of the United States, as well as the Australian Outback, Europe, Canadian Arctic Rim, South American Mountains and Beaches, Villages of Korea, lava fields of Hawaii and the Jungles of Mexico. Our designer originated this filming concept and we are are the world's most experienced