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display_info GRISCO'S ANIMALS - Animals / Handlers / Trainers / Wranglers in California
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(951) 685-4081


    (818) 307-7196
    Providing well trained professional animals for the entertainment industry. We can provide and coordinate ANY animal and animal action. We work with a large variety of professional Union 399 animal trainers and wranglers and ALL different kinds of animals....MORE

    (914) 232-3623
    Cell: (917) 882-2002
    All Creatures Great & Small is New York's leading animal agency with 50+ years in business, providing professionally trained and handled animals. Our trained animals include everything from domestic animals such as dogs, cats and farm animals to exotic animals such as lions, elephants, tigers and many others.
    Our background includes significant experience in television, film, print...MORE

    (212) 873-5000
    All Tame Animals provides all types of animals for work in advertising, TV, film, commercials, print and live theater, as well as special events ranging from parades to cocktail parties.
    We enjoy special challenges and have provided animals as diverse as maggots for television show "Royal Pains" to Bear the Belgian Malinois for "Person of Interest", horses for fash...MORE
  • American Humane Association coordinates on-set monitoring of animal performers worldwide. American Humane Association works to improve animal safety, human safety and responds to the public and the media on behalf of producers.
    Email us at: ...MORE

    (805) 495-2122
    (805) 796-2122
    Birds, Cats, Dogs, Exotics, Barnyard, Reptiles & More!
    We have been supplying the entertainment industry for 40 years with professionally trained animals. During this time we have owned, trained or worked with almost every type of animal, bird, or reptile you can imagine. This history and experience gives us the ability to know first hand what it will take to accomplish what you need. Th...MORE
  • With over 30 years in the business, Animal Casting Atlanta is the #1 provider of animal talent and trainers for television and feature films in the South East. Trainers and coordinators specializing in performance dogs, cats, horses and farm animals. A wide range of exotics and horse-drawn carriages available. USDA licensed 15 acre facility with barns, pastures and a 1 acre secure deer enclosure w...MORE

    (661) 257-0630
    For over 3 decades we have provided dogs, cats, and other animals to major studios for hundreds of films, TV shows, commercials, talk shows, and photo shoots throughout the world. Animals for Hollywood is proud to offer Animal Rentals, Script Breakdowns, and Budgets. To cast your next project, please browse o...MORE

    (352) 595-3315
    Domestic and Exotic Animal Rentals for the Motion Picture and Television IndustryWe have the largest variety of hoof stock and the only working giraffes on the East Coast. We specialize in animal rentals and training for both exotic and domestic animals for motion pictures, television, special events and private parties. Our animals inventory includes such exotic animals as:
    giraffes, zebras...MORE

    (818) 842-8444
    Asman & Associates LLC's work is professional while keeping an eye on the budget. Joanne (Pollinger-LaVine) Asman's own performance equestrian experiences - having participated in numerous Pasadena Rose Parades, Horse Shows, Exhibitions and more on many occasions, along with a long list of non equestrian events - provides an insight as to the needs of an event; whatever the project, Asman &am...MORE

    (866) 771-BEAR (2327)
    Ruth LaBarge has been a Hollywood animal trainer for TV commercials and bear movies for over 40 years. She trains wild animal actors like Kodiak and Grizzly bears for films in North America. She is one of the only trainers with the unique ability to work multiple bears together, safely, in the same scene. She can also provide bear doubles and a bear suit. Her bears have appeared in major Holly...MORE

    (661) 733-6095
    (661) 268-1057
    Dogs, Cats, Birds-
    Over 30 years experience in creating memorable animal characters in film, TV and commercials. No job too big, no job too small. Allow us to share your vision.
    Storyboard and script breakdowns, coordinating, training, 2nd unit directing....MORE

    (877) 542-1355
    50+ Years. Gary Gero, Mark Forbes & crew providing trained birds & animals. Dogs & Cats / Birds / Reptiles / Exotic Animals / Livestock. Credits / References available on our website - small to BIG productions.
    West Coast (877) 542-1355
    East Coast (866) 226-9215
    London 01923-680-639...MORE

    (661) 268-8300
    (818) 307-0010
    Caravan West offers horses that are film trained and comfortable with all lighting equipment and gun fire. We have assorted farm animals such as chickens, goats and turkeys. We offer the largest and finest selection of correct saddles and tack from Mother Hubbard, Texas Hope, Plantation, Denver, Mexican to Military including correct bridles, bits, bedrolls, saddle pockets, canteens and rifle scab...MORE

    (818) 632-8468
    We supply some of the most unique and captivating animals to the entertainment industry, while utilizing humane and creative techniques....MORE

    (877) 455-5866
    Instinct is a top supplier of trained animal talent for the film and television industry. With over 20 years experience, we understand time is money. We will always give you an honest assessment of your project based on your animal requirements and work with you to achieve your goals.
    Whether you require a one day commercial shoot or a three year commitment, Instinct has a proven track...MORE
  • Jules Sylvester's Reptile Rentals Inc., highly regarded by the American Humane Association has become a "go to" company for snakes, alligators, lizards, spiders, scorpions, frogs, insects, rodents, tortoises, and many other animals. Reptile Rentals has an unrivaled safety record for the cast and crew as well as it's highly trained and experienced handlers- no bites, accidents or problems...MORE

    (909) 887-3500
    With more than a 1,000 credits, Jungle Exotics has supplied Wild and Domestic trained animals, Professional Trainers and Animal Coordinators for the Entertainment Industries' needs.
    Award winning trainers, Joe Camp and Tammy Maples, along with their hand picked staff, have the knowledge and experience to get the shot safely and cleanly for your crew and the animals. The Animal Actors that th...MORE

    (661) 305-0399
    Lazy SP has emerged as one of the most reliable resources for providing the best animal rentals in the movie industry. We have an extensive selection of animals to choose from. Our team of qualified trainers and movie animals look forward to providing professional services to meet your production needs. We offer a wide variety of movie animal rentals....MORE
  • We are a family owned and operated motion picture livestock rental business. We own and provide all specialty performing livestock, cast and non-descript livestock, and other relevant animals (goats, chickens, pigs, cows).
    Movin' On Livestock also provides a large variety of period tack, stagecoaches, buckboard wagons (milk delivery wagon, jail wagon, hearse), and vintage buggies. We h...MORE

    (o) (661) 724-2201
    (c) (661) 435-2806
    Toll Free: (877) 729-7439
    With over 40 years combined experience Paws For Effect is one the the top animal companies in the industry today. We take pride in providing you with the best trainers and the best trained animals in the business. No project is to large or to small. Script breakdowns, coordinating, video casting, let us share your vision and make all your projects come to life....MORE

    (661) 722-1497
    For almost 30 years, Performing Animal Troupe has been supplying well trained & well loved animal actors and experienced, professional animal trainers & wranglers for movies, TV, commercials, photography, videos & live shows. We are home to over 200 sought-after trained animal stars and have access to ...MORE
  • 30 Years Experience. Animals of All Kinds including dogs, cats, pigs, cows, reindeer, goats, horses, sheep. Horses, Wagons and Carriages....MORE

    (661) 724-0291
    Home of 10 Alaskan Timberwolves from Shadowland Foundation. The wolves are fully trained with experience in films and professional photography. Nestled in the Angeles Crest National Forest, is our private gated 11 acre ranch. Complete with a classic red barn, house, cottage, pond, green house, parking for up to 300 cars adn the forest as a backdrop. Great location for outdoor photography and filmi...MORE
  • Providing experienced rattlesnake and wildlife handling professionals for rattlesnake removal on film sets, television shows, photo shoots, and private or professional residences. We have a variety of animal handling experience from private animal collection care with a specialty in venomous snakes, to finding and catching wild rattlesnakes on locations sets. We have a 100% safety record and use t...MORE

    (818) 621-4101
    Jules is one of the most respected animal trainers in Hollywood-having handled everything from alligators to zebras for over 350 motion pictures, television shows and commercials. Jules's brings his humor along with 45 years working with reptiles and other exotic animals to the set making your production a unique and wonderful experience...not to be missed!...MORE

    (212) 353-DOGS (3647)
    Based in Manhattan, we turn NYC's brightest pets into professional actors and models, hand selecting our most skilled students and alumni who have received meticulous training. Our trainers will provide all the preparation and handling needed to make your production a seamless success....MORE

    (661) 269-0231
    Silver Screen Animals is dedicated to providing professional animals, experienced trainers and coordinating services to the industry. Our animals are trained with praise, rewards and fun! We can find and provide you with the best animals for your project. Courtesy script and storyboard breakdowns. Email: ...MORE
  • STAR K9, LLC

    (770) 722-4241
    Our STARS shine for you! At STAR K9, LLC we train and provide all types of great animal talent and professional wranglers for film, TV, video, publications, special projects and events. We employ high standards, personal service and industry expertise to ensure your project is a big success, on time and on budget. We are conveniently located in the Atlanta, Georgia area and ready for our STARS...MORE
  • Steve Martin, founder-owner of SMWW is a seasoned veteran in the film business for near 45 years. Specializing in Exotics that we OWN, and train. Maintaining an "accident free" record knowledge beyond most, plus an amazing perception of how to set up shots, to get your shots! It takes years of experience to understand what motivates animals to perform from positive guided reward. We h...MORE

    (661) 257-4798
    Studio Animal Services is one of the most established animal companies in the entertainment industry, it is the lead supplier of animals for all commercials shot in Los Angeles, North America and the rest of the World. We can supply your production (commercial, feature film, television, web or print shoot) with any animal large or small. If you don't see what you are looking for on our website, pl...MORE