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    Camera Cranes, Dollies & Booms For Specialty Angle Shooting

    A camera crane is a lifting machine that enables a cinematographer to shoot scenes up and away from the action in a scene.The camera crane may accommodate both the camera and the operator, or it may be operated by remote control.A dolly is a platform on a raised track that a camera is mounted on in order to create smooth camera movements on a horizontal axis.Most studio dollies have a hydraulic arm or boom that raises or lowers the camera on a vertical axis.The person who operates this vehicle is known as a dolly grip, who is trained in front & rear wheel steering.A jib is a boom device with a camera on one end, with a counterweight and camera controls on the other.A jib permits the camera crane or dolly to be moved horizontally and vertically, and is often used with a remote camera control for focus and zoom viewed on a portable video monitor.
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