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display_info NIGHT LIGHTS by BEBEE, LTD., Lighting in California
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(310) 605-5001
2301 E. Gladwick St., Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

Night Lights by Bebee, also known as Bebee Lights, has been servicing the specialized lighting needs of the Motion Picture Industry for over 25 years. With our main location in Rancho Dominguez, California, and our second location in Atlanta, Georgia, Night Lights offers location lighting across the nation with 13 trucks to resolve your mobile lighting needs.

Our trucks are self-contained units with a soundproof generator mounted on each unit. Cameras allow exact placement of all 6k lights that pan, tilt, spot, and flood. Each crane turret has a 360 degree rotation. Each light frame rotates 180 degrees, tilts 80 degrees and is gelled separately. Individual lights rotate 330 degrees and tilt 160degrees with flicker free ballasts. Our operators are set-up and ready to strike in approximately 10 minutes.


Our newest Bebee Mini Truck will have 4 lights, 4K or 6K capable (with 2-12K''s available in the future).Each light will have full pan tilt, spot, and flood with cameras just like our larger trucks. With a 42 foot articulated arm, the Bebee Mini Truck is built on a GMC 5500 boom truck chassis with two low profile stabilizers, requiring a much smaller position on set.

For our customers who require aerial lift lighting for specific projects we still offer the Bebee Mini with 4-6K's, 2-12/18HMI's, or 20K Tungsten and an 80 foot articulated arm. With the Bebee Mini we deliver it, you take control of the user-friendly equipment, and we pickup when you are finished.

Visit us at , or call 310-605-5001 for a quote on your next lighting need.