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display_info BARBER TECH VIDEO PRODUCTS - Camera Cranes, Dollies & Booms in California
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    (818) 618-9988
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    Gyro Stabilized camera support equipment ULTIMATE ARM, LEV HEAD, WIRELESS CONTROL, RAIN DEFLECTORS, HELICOPTER CABLE CAM, SUSPENSION MOUNT, CAMERA CARS, QUADS, GO KARTS, OFF ROAD VEHICLES, MERCEDES, PORSCHE, No build time necessary. Designed and built by the Russian rocket scientist LEV YEVSTRATOV. Academy Award Winning....MORE

    (310) 581-8343
    Live Action & Miniature Motion Control / Milo / Milo Long Arm / Bolt High-Speed Cinebot / Bolt + Track System / Modular & Talos Motion Control Systems / Ultihead Motion Control Systems / Motion Controlled Arri II Heads / MSA-20 Remote Head Systems / SFH 30 & SFH 50 Time-Lapse Heads / Motion Control Sleds, Turntables & Motion Bases / CGI Data Import & Export / Custom Motion Cont...MORE

    (818) 764-6726
    (888) 883-6559
    Chapman/Leonard manufactures, rents, leases and sells, custom camera support equipment for motion picture and television production. Chapman/Leonard specializes in camera cranes, telescoping cranes, arms, bases, dollies, pedestals and remote camera systems. Feel free to come in for a demonstration of our camera support equipment....MORE
  • Specializing in Camera Cranes & Remote heads for the film industry.
    Cranium Camera Crane Rentals, rents custom camera support equipment for motion picture and television production. Cranium Camera Crane Rentals specializes in camera cranes, telescoping cranes, arms, bases and remote camera systems. Feel free to contact us for a demonstration of our camera support equipment....MORE

    (212) 243-7368
    (718) 366-7368
    CSI Rentals is the source for Cameras, Lenses, Lighting and Grip Equipment Rentals and Expendables. Offering a complete line of equipment for photography and Pro Video with many convenient options including On line reservation system Equipment delivery and pick-up Pre Loaded equipment vans and cube trucks, Convenient Stree...MORE
  • Filmotechnic USA offers the latest model camera cars outfitted with the academy award-winning Filmotechnic Russian Crane system, and 3-Axis Stabilized Remote Heads, including the state-of-the-art Mercedes AMG ML 63, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Ford Raptor SVT, and KTM 950....MORE

    (225) 316-8857
    Frybiz is in the movie and television production equipment rental business. If you need a sand bag or a ride on camera crane call us first in Louisiana. We deliver our equipment on location and we have experienced set-up operators. Our complete sound stage is fully equipped. Lights, cameras, switcher, audio are all included in the daily rate and is available 24/7 for your production. Complete edit...MORE

    (781) 585-7900
    The Glidecam Camcrane 200 is the most versatile camera crane on the market, designed for multiple length configurations. The Glidecam Camcrane 200 can be operated in 3'3" length (table top mode), or 4'10", 6'6" and up to 8'1" in length for cameras up to 25 lbs. Also, see the Glidecam line of Sliders and more at
  • J. L. FISHER, INC.

    (818) 846-8366
    J.L. Fisher, Inc. the worldwide leader in manufacturing, rentals and distribution of motion picture and television equipment. Camera Dollies (Fisher Model 9, 10 & 11) • Jib Arms • Microphone Booms & Bases • Vinten Quattro Pedestals • Vector 700 Pan & Tilt Heads • Porta Jibs • Ladderpods • Weaver Steadman Fluid Heads • Bazookas • Full articul...MORE

    (775) 345-3440
    The ultralight Feather Camera Crane™ from Lite Pro Gear is a strong and versatile carbon fiber jib designed to capture awesome shots for the mobile cinematographer. It offers great performance without the hassle-from the outdoor extremes to indoor studio shoots. No other portable camera jib currently matches its payload capacity and boom reach for as light of weight, in addition to offering ...MORE

    (888) 488-0100
    Over 12 yrs. experienced Owner/Operator with Jibs available for daily rentals. Configurations up to 30 feet. Built to order on set or location. Remote controlled, motorized, 2-axis head included....MORE
  • Pacific Motion Control offers motion control cranes, dollies, heads, turntables, model movers, and accessories for feature film, television, commercial, and music video productions. Our inventory includes the Graphlite, Gazelle, Zebra, Impala, and Cheetah High-Speed Dolly and the Cyclone. We are very proud to offer the state-of-the-art Technodolly programmable telescopic camera crane. We carry a f...MORE

    (310) 993-7447
    Safari Technologies is the leader is camera-rigging technology. The cutting edge technology of the SR4 allows cameras to be used in ways you have never dreamed....MORE
  • Stage This, Electro Lighting and 20/20 Camera are sister companies that provide all of the critical elements for your production! Home to one of the largest 3-wall infinity cycs in LA. In-house cameras, grip, electric, and more give us a unique ability to create production packages saving time and money. We're economical, flexible, production & vendor friendly!...MORE